Cellphone stolen from Butler County Walmart worker results in assault report

With out her information, she stated, he was making an attempt to make use of her telephone to unlock or open a telephone he admitted he had stolen the day earlier than. She instructed the officer the male had bragged to her he had a pleasant A20 telephone a Walmart worker had put down and he “swooped it up.”

Later within the afternoon of Sept. 11, she stated, she was visiting a pal and the uncharged suspect confirmed up and had phrases along with her pal about his taking the girl’s telephone. She stated it escalated till her pal tried to separate from him by moving into the girl’s car and backing out of the driveway and heading down the road. The uncharged suspect allegedly adopted the car on foot and picked up a pair of hedge clippers as he walked.

She stated he swung the hedge clippers at her pal twice in order that he felt he wanted to defend himself and retrieved a metallic bar from the car, which he used to defend himself swinging it a number of instances on the uncharged suspect.

The girl’s pal stated he wished to press prices however she had her telephone again and didn’t need to press prices for theft. The officer instructed them there could be additional investigation and any prices could be decided later.

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